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Expert roof inspection, repair, and replacement process- Cicero roof replacement

This is an actual roof replacement in Cicero, NY.

Cicero roofing
7:45am Cicero, NY
Step #1
The crew arrives on site in Cicero. Before the roofing process begins, the Custom Quality team ensures your home and property are properly protected from falling and loose debris.  Protective barriers made of solid wood are placed in front of doors, windows, entry ways, and other areas of you home.  Your lawn, landscape, and bedding are protected in a similar means with high grade construction tarp.

If it's important to you it's important to us!  Whether it's your prize winning roses that placed #1 in the Syracuse NY State Fair, your Koi pond in Cicero, your Carnations in Clay, your Lillies in Liverpool, or any other landscaping big or small that requires extra special attention- If you have any special needs or questions please let our on site Roofing Foreman know before removal of the roof has started .  We will take extra steps to protect your property from damage
Cicero roof repairs
8:07am Cicero, NY
Step #2
Our high capacity refuse truck arrives in Cicero and placed into position to collect debris during the roof  replacement process.  Usually placed in the driveway where plywood is then placed under dual tires to distribute the weight load and prevent damage to your driveway
Cicero old roof removal
8:12am Cicero, NY
Step #3
All layers of your old roof are then removed, revealing the roof deck underneath.

Keep in mind that we can resurface over existing shingles (called a reroof)  or (shingle over) but we strongly recommend stripping the old roof off so we may inspect the wood decking and apply ice and water barrier.  No matter who you choose be sure you understand the difference.  To attract customers with low prices, some roofing companies may quote re-roofing.  Be sure you know what you are / getting.  CQC performs both services.  Contact us for more details.
Leaking and repairs
10:45am Cicero, NY
Step #4
Our trained and certified team will inspect your roof deck.  We inspect for problems including structural deficiencies of the roof decking such as sagging, delaminating and ice & water damaged plywood.  All metal roof flashing and roof weather barriers are inspected and replaced as needed. This house in Cicero had a rotted section of plywood where a leak had developed.

This crucial step is often omitted by some to save cost, but in the long run a failure even as small as less than an inch overlap on a piece of flashing can result in severe problems within a short time.  That is why it is part of our comprehensive workmanship guarantee.
Cicero ridge vent
11:00am Cicero, NY
Step #5
To ensure proper ventilation, a (exhaust) and/or ridge vent is installed, with a minimum of 1" air space on either side of the roof peak.  One of the leading causes of premature roof failure is improper attic ventilation and insulation.  In Central New York and Syracuse regions it is critical to ensure proper attic ventilation. This Cicero home had some blackening from mildew caused by non-optimal ventillation but was in good condition. The new ridge vent will greatly increase airflow.

See our 'Additional Information' for more information about ventilation.
Cicero Certainteed
12:00pm Cicero, NY
Step #6
To protect against the ice and snow experienced in the Syracuse area, we use a CertainTeed WinterGuard waterproof ice and water barrier.  To ensure maximum protection!  We apply a dual layer which extends 6 feet from the edge of the roof.  (This exceeds the minimum recommended, which is only 3 feet.  After years of seeing first hand the results of ice and snow damage caused by heavy snowfall in the Syracuse area, it has been our experience that this extra step can mean the difference between a roof that lasts a lifetime and one that fails prematurely).  Preventive maintenance is always recommended such as snow removal (with extreme snowfall), gutter cleaning, and debris removal in ridge vent slots. The owners of this Cicero home had repaired the roof previously due to leaking caused by ice problems. This new ice barrier will ensure our roof stands the test of time.
Cicero repairing roof
12:30pm Cicero, NY
Step #7
Where applicable extra steps are taken in areas of the roof which are prone to ice and water damage like your roof valleys.  In this case, we apply ice and water barrier as a starter liner in the valley, then as a added measure of structural stability, we apply 20” aluminum over the top of the ice and water barrier as a second line of defense against the elements.
Cicero dripedge
1:00pm Cicero, NY
Step #8
NEG White, Brown or Black galvanized metal roof drip edge of a no less than 1" is applied roof edges and sides.  (Colored aluminum drip edge is also available)
New asphalt underlayment in Cicero
1:00pm Cicero, NY
Step #9
Fiberglass reinforced water resistant underlayment is then applied to the remainder of the roof deck and secured in place.  Each layer is overlapped a minimum of 3” inches on top of the layer beneath to form a continuous down slope overlap.  This acts as a moisture barrier between the wood decking in the attic and the exterior asphalt shingle system.
Clay roofing
1:15pm Cicero, NY
Step #10
Where applicable areas which are prone to ice and water buildup receive an additional layer of protective ice and water barrier.  Step flashing is applied which will act as a barrier between the shingle and any walls, siding, dormers, chimney, or other structure protruding from the roof.
Clay asphalt roof
1:15pm Cicero, NY
Step #11 (valley and wall)
Any valley and wall junctions are areas of concern and are addressed as needed. We're almost ready to start installing the roof shingle on the Cicero home.
Clay, NY
Step #12 (skylights)
Any new and existing skylights are installed with new factory pre-fabricated metal flashing kits and are wrapped in protective ice and water barrier.
Roof repair in Clay
Step #13 (skylights)
Additional pre-fabricated metal step flashing is then applied between the shingle and skylight.
Clay Certainteed
2:00pm Cicero, NY
Step #14

We've been in Cicero preparing this home for its new roof for 3 hours. Finally we are ready to install the new replacement roof!

Our trained team then hoists building materials onto the roof, taking care to prevent damage to gutters.
Roof in Clay
2:45pm Cicero, NY
Step #15
Shingles are then applied to manufacturer's instructions and roof warranty specifications.   All asphalt roof shingles are fastened using a high wind area technique called storm nailing.  Each asphalt roof shingle is secured by 6 nails in a special pattern (as opposed to the minimum standard of 4 nails in a row).  This technique allows asphalt roof shingle to withstand high winds and increases all wind warranties an additional +10 Mph .  As a side note:  Why is this important?  See our roof repair section.  Central New York including Syracuse and Rochester have received documented sustained winds of close to 90Mph, and gusts of over 100Mph.
Our Cicero roofing job is nearly finished.
Home in Clay
3:45pm Cicero, NY
Step #16
Shingle Vent II cap-over ridge venting is installed to ensure maximum ventilation.
Clay NY has new roof
4:30pm Cicero, NY
The Cicero roofing job is done.  It is time to clean up.  We will now remove all equipment and the protective barriers, and will leave your home just as we found it.  Our workers will inspect your property for any debris that may have gotten away and carefully remove it. As an extra precaution, we use a high powered magnet to attract any nails or sharp metal which may have become embedded in the ground.
Replacment in Clay, NY
4:30pm Cicero, NY
Thank You For Your Business
The Cicero, NY home pictured to the left was completed in about 5 hours.
An average home with 2,000 - 3,000 square feet of roofing is done in a single day by one crew.  We hope you will enjoy your new roof for many years to come!
  • Custom Quality also does larger jobs including condominiums, apartment complexes, and town homes.
  • We offer referral discounts and group package deals (multiple roofs) or (roof and siding) where everyone benefits from getting work done at the same time
  • Preventive maintenance is always recommended for both old and new roofs. Such as snow removal (with extreme snowfall), gutter cleaning, and debris removal in ridge vent slots.